24/7 Crisis Hotline: 802-775-1000

Behavioral Health Services

Mental Health Is For Everyone

Community Mental Health Matters

Mental health plays an essential role in and individual’s life, and we believe every individual plays an essential role in their community. Behavioral Health services at Community Care Network focus on person-centered, evidence-based practices designed to help people thrive within their communities. 

Rutland Mental Health Services offers a range of Child & Family, Adult Outpatient, Substance Use, Rand Residential services and programs. Our dedicated staff of caring professionals has been trained to meet federal, state and other accreditation requirements for professional development.

Mental Health Care Plans Based on Your Needs

Everyone has different stories and unique needs for mental health support. An Individual Care Plan helps us better understand the services you need, and identifies expectations for the coming year. Case Managers and Clinicians are available to help with the process of service planning to ensure that the Individual Care Plan is clearly focused on your goals.

Child & Family Mental Health Services

We’re committed to providing exceptional mental health services for children and families of all structures and walks of life. Through evidence-based practices in multiple specialties, we are here to help children and families build resilience, learn new skills, develop socially, and grow together.

Adult Mental Health Services

The Adult Mental Health Division of Rutland Mental Health Services offers a variety of programs and services designed to assist people in improving the quality of their lives. 

Residential Services

Community Care Network has two residential recovery and treatment locations designed to support and assist individuals recovering from mental health crises. 

Emergency Services

The Community Care Network Emergency Services Team provides 24/7 services to people of all ages who are experiencing a mental health emergency. If you or someone you know is distressed or experiencing a mental health emergency, call 802-775-1000.