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Child & Family Mental Health Services

Behavioral Health Services

Child and Family Services provides assessments, referrals, individual, family and group therapy, psychopharmacology, community education, crisis intervention, substance use disorders treatment, wraparound services and intensive family-based services. These services are provided in a variety of settings including schools, communities and homes as well as at our Outpatient, Early Childhood and ABA offices. Intensive Family-Based Services are offered at a more intensive level than traditional services and typically include 4-6 hours/week of direct service.

As part of Community Care Network, Child and Family Services delivers a wide range of human services, including:

• Intensive Family-Based Services
• Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
• Outpatient Services
• Case Management
• Early Childhood Services
• Vermont Outdoor Adventure Program (VOAP)
• Rapid Response

• Adolescent Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment
• Respite Services
• School-Based Programs
• J.O.B.S. Program (Jump On Board for Success)
• Youth Transitional Services (YTS)

IFBS is an intensive community-based, short-term (3 to 6 months) program that works with families at risk of having a child removed from their home due to emotional or behavioral challenges, delinquency, truancy, and/or family risk factors such as domestic violence, mental health and/or substance abuse issues of parents/caregivers. IFBS services also provide support and stabilization to families who are in the reunification process with a child following an out-of-home placement.

The ABA program provides intensive community and home-based services for children diagnosed with Autism, or related disorders, from birth to 21 years of age.  The strength-based approach is designed to identify environmental variables that reliably influence socially significant behavior, and to develop a technology of behavior change that takes advantage of those discoveries.

The Outpatient Services program offers evidence-based interventions for children experiencing mental health, behavioral and/or emotional barriers.  Clinical services are tailored at evaluation with a strong focus on family and person-centered choice.  Services can be provided in youth and family-friendly enviornments.

The Case Management program provides community-based case management for children and youth experiencing mental health, behavioral and/or emotional barriers.  Services are provided in youth and family-friendly environments.

ECS provides assessment, consultation, home and office-based case management (i.e. service planning and coordination, community supports), and individual and family psychotherapy, for infants and children age 6 and under.  Master’s level Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation is provided to childcare centers, Head Start, and childcare provider networks.  Intensive Case Management services are also provided to the most challenging children at Rutland County Head Start to help facilitate kindergarten readiness and to support children in need of intensive short-term work on skill building.

VOAP is a specialized program that utilizes experiential and adventure-based activities in a wilderness setting as a means of assisting individuals in achieving their emotional and behavioral goals.  The program strives to improve participants’ levels of self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-control, and assists them in learning how to manage emotions, communicate effectively, trust others, take responsibility, work with others as a team, and make positive choices for their life.

Crisis stabilization services are offered in the office and community for the purpose of providing follow-up stabilization supports to children/families with mental health issues following a crisis assessment through the RMHS Crisis Team.  These services are short-term, intensive, and focused on the immediate problem.  When additional services are needed, the child is typically referred to outpatient services for on-going support.  In situations where a child is hospitalized, Rapid Response services can be instrumental in discharge planning and ensuring access to immediate supports upon the child’s return to their home.

The Outpatient Substance Use Treatment Program provides services for children and adolescents needing support around challenges related to self-medication and substance use.  Substance use and mental health services are integrated throughout the program, which anticipates a very high degree of co-occurring issues among adolescents.

The Respite program provides respite services for children in Rutland County who are engaged in other services at RMHS, and whose family system would benefit from brief separation (one to four hours) of the child from the home environment.  We also offer short-term respite services for families who need this extra support to help them get through a crisis period.

This program offers contracted clinical and behavioral support services to schools in Rutland County for the provision of on-site mental and behavioral health services.  Schools have the option of contracting for a Clinician, Case Manager or Behavioral Interventionist.  Through these contracts RMHS is able to provide a more accessible intake process for students and develop more active collaborations with families, schools and treatment teams.

The JOBS Program is an innovative supported employment and intensive case management service that targets eligible youth, ages 16 through 21, whom are considered to be at-risk in the community.

YTD is focused on the empowerment of youth in making healthy life choices and reaching self-directed goals through accessible, community-based treatment services.

*Services are available up to the age of 21 if a youth receives special education services.