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Community Care Network Open and Available for Community Mental Health Support

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The COVID-19 pandemic, and the isolation and life changes that accompany it, places a strain on everyone’s mental health. This can be especially acute for many people who struggle with mental health and substance use issues in their daily lives.  Community Care Network (Rutland Mental Health Services and Rutland Community Programs), a provider of clinical and support services for individuals and their families living with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders, remains a resource for the Rutland community during these trying times. 

We are here to support you, even if you have never needed support for emotional distress in the past. It’s normal to need a different type of support during difficult times. 

Community Care Network is prioritizing community safety and responding to the increasing need for mental health support by making services accessible to individuals isolated at home via telehealth, offering extended on-call hours, and continuing intake of new clients. 

Telehealth Resources: 

Many clinical services (mental health support and substance use disorders treatment) are now offered virtually using telehealth platforms, and the agency has ensured HIPAA compliance for privacy and security. 

Crisis and Emergency Service Resources: 

Our mental health Crisis Line is open 24/7 and ready to support anyone feeling anxious, overwhelmed, depressed, unsure, or in need of help. Even if you are not sure who to call, our Crisis Team can help triage your needs through the crisis line. 

  • Crisis Line: If you or someone you know is in crisis, the Emergency Services team is here to help.  Call 802-775-1000, and a crisis worker will assist you. 
  • Telehealth Crisis Services: Our Crisis Services are also available to people when they are in the Rutland Regional Medical Center Emergency Department if they need our help and are not yet connected with support.  We provide this help via telehealth.

Our Emergency Services team works closely with local and state healthcare providers to assist those who may need inpatient hospitalization support. If you think you need any of these services, call the Crisis Line and we can help determine the best steps to get the support you or your loved one need. 

Behavioral Health On-Call Resources: 

CCN Behavioral Health Staff have created extended on-call schedules to assist the Crisis Team with any increased call volume, creating a support network for those already enrolled in our services. This means Crisis Line callers can expect enhanced support from the Community Rehabilitation Treatment team, the Adult Outpatient Team, the Evergreen Substance Use Support Team, and the Child & Family Team. 

New Client Intake:

New clients interested in accessing Community Care Network’s services can call one of the  Intake phone lines below, where they will be assisted by an clinician and receive a screening to help determine the right course of treatment.  

Community Care Network Intake Lines: 

  • Adult Mental Health Services: 802-775-4388
  • Child and Family Mental Health Services: 802-775-2381
  • Developmental Disabilities Services: 802-775-0828
  • Substance Abuse Services: 802-747-3588

Community Care Network continues its COVID-19 response with guidance from the CDC, the Vermont Department of Health, and State of Vermont directives. If you need help, but are not sure who to call, our Crisis Team is prepared to triage needs through the crisis line. 

For updates on Community Care Network’s response to COVID-19, visit www.rmhsccn.org/COVID-19-updates

Connect with Community Care Network: 

Website – rmhsccn.org

Facebook – facebook.com/RutlandMentalHealthServices/

Instagram – Instagram.com/community.care.network

For updates on Community Care Network’s response to COVID-19, visit www.rmhsccn.org/COVID-19-updates.