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JOB# 75
Category: Full time
Title: Director - Rutland County Head Start
Job Skills: Leadership, Grant Administration


A dynamic and comprehensive early childhood education and family services program seeks an experienced Director to lead its success and growth. The Director is responsible for the management of a federally-funded Head Start program, childcare services, and a state grant-funded preschool program. Responsible for assuring that operational mandates and standards for excellence are achieved. Supervise program managers. Lead comprehensive planning efforts for the development of short and long-term goals and outcomes. Monitor and report on progress. Secure funds for program operations. Manage grants and ensure regulatory compliance. Implement internal and external reporting systems and procedures for monitoring and controlling fiscal and programmatic activities. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, human services or comparable program of study along with experience in a leadership capacity, including supervision of staff and duties related to fiscal management and government-funded programs. Master’s degree preferred.