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Success Stories: Community Care Network in The Rutland Herald

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This is part of a series of articles in the Rutland Herald focused on the area nonprofit community and the impact on our region.

Community Care Network is known by many simply as Rutland Mental Health Services. While the organization’s mental health services go back 70 years, most don’t realize that Community Care Network is a broad consortium of health and human service programs—from early childhood education to crisis services to therapeutic outdoor programs.

Every program’s goal is to help individuals live empowered lives that result in thriving communities. Community Care Network’s Developmental Services help individuals with developmental disabilities achieve their goals, pursue hobbies, and participate in the community through various programs and one-on-one support from Developmental Services staff. Direct Support Professionals help these individuals break down barriers and open doors to living fulfilling lives.

For example, a Direct Support Professional is currently helping an individual pursue their love of swimming and their desire to do more volunteer work. Their work together has resulted in this individual cultivating their natural leadership skills, independence, and joy through activities they love. As a team, they’ve gained access to opportunities typically difficult to access for people with developmental disabilities.

Community Care Network exists to provide a network of services and resources that support individuals of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds. Learn more about available services at rmhsccn.org, on social media, or by calling 802-775-2381. If you or someone else is experiencing a crisis, do not hesitate to call our 24/7 Crisis Line at 802-775-1000, where dedicated crisis staff can help you.