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Supporting Children & Families During COVID-19

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Community Care Network was proud to join Vermont Care Partners and the VT Digger in contributing to a sponsored content series highlighting the work of Vermont’s Designated Mental Health Agencies. This year, we focused on how our Early Childhood Program and Rutland County Head Start are collaborating to support children and families emotionally and developmentally during these unprecedented times.

CCN Staff featured in this article:

-Lauren Norford, LICSW, Program Manager for Early Childhood Services

-Karen Grimm, LCMHC, Manager of School-Based Services

-Kelley Todriff, Assistant Director at Rutland County Head Start

-Marie Gilmond, Director of Administration for Rutland Community Programs

Read the VT Digger article here: https://vtdigger.org/sponsored_content/vcp-supporting-children-and-families-during-covid-19-community-care-network-rutland-mental-healths-approach/