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Community Rehabilitation & Treatment Program

Behavioral Health Services

Recovery from serious and persistent mental illness and co-occurring disorders is a life-long process.

The Community Rehabilitation and Treatment Program (CRT) can help you through that process through a wide range of services to adults who meet eligibility criteria established by the Vermont Department of Mental Health.

Our CRT Programs include:

• traditional outpatient therapy
• case management
• vocational and housing assistance
• psychiatric evaluation
• medication management
• services for persons with co-occurring disorders of mental illness and substance abuse

Our program’s treatment approach is based on the understanding that recovery from serious and persistent mental illness and co-occurring disorders requires client-centered psychiatric treatment, education, and support.

Assists individuals in developing and attaining goals, in accessing community resources, and solving problems.

Provides individual and group therapy to allow individuals to develop improved coping strategies.

Psychiatric evaluation; information regarding psychoactive medications; and medication management.

Temporary housing for individuals that would benefit from a supported living situation while in transition from a higher level of care, or as an alternative to a higher level of care.

Assistance in locating and obtaining housing, including apartments and residential care settings; assistance in obtaining housing subsidies.

Comprehensive, integrated services for individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use problems.

Provides an array of supported employment services to individuals with mental health and co-occurring disorders.

A therapeutic community residence. Short-term stays for adults with acute psychiatric symptoms to help avoid the need for a higher level of care such as an inpatient psychiatric hospital or to serve as a step-down from inpatient psychiatric care to prepare for a return to community-based support.

A Level 3 Recovery Residence. Supervised and supported recovery intervention services in a residential location for adults in the early stages of recovery.